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Uhvatite korak s konkurencijom ili jednostavno isprobajte nove mogućnosti koje vam pruža Interent marketing. Oni koji su se oprobali samostalno ili preko druge agencije u kampanjama ili marketing aktivnostima, nudimo kvalitetnu nadogradnju pomoću naših certificiranih specijalista.

Instagram advertising

The most popular social network for advertising right after Facebook. Utilize the fantastic marketing opportunities and reach your target audience.


Instagram marketing - advertising on Instagram

Instagram is a social network that comes right after Facebook in terms of having the largest number of registered and active users in Croatia.

It’s a platform that women use in a higher percentage compared to men, and it’s more popular among younger target audience generations. The goal of our team at Kuhada Digital Agency is to leverage our knowledge and experience to make your ad visible, displayed to the right target audience and to achieve your objectives with minimal costs.

Instagram advertising - META advertising service

Instagram is owned by Facebook, or rather the META company, and it has ideal foundations, alongside Facebook, for advertising to reach the target audience that is not on or not actively using Facebook, thus attracting an even larger number of users.

Instagram as a social network dominated by photos and videos, represents a new way of advertising for brands/companies where they can attract new followers, website visitors and potential new customers through attractive content.

Competition in Instagram advertising is growing day by day, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for you and your brand. With proper targeting, high-quality visuals and content, a lot can be achieved – from raising brand awareness to increasing conversions.

You probably already know that Instagram is a social network predominantly used by a younger generation. This is supported by the fact that 60% of people aged 18 to 34 have an Instagram profile. So, if this is your target audience or a part of it, Instagram advertising is something you should be interested in.


200 Monthly
  • Monthly agency cost
  • Facebook + Instagram
  • 1 Campaign, 2 Ad Groups
  • Creating visuals for ads

Kuhada - the way to create and manage an Instagram campaign

1. Research – analyzing what your competitors and other leaders in your industry are doing.

2. Campaign goal – defining the campaign’s objective leads to the desired outcome of advertising on Instagram and accordingly, the creation of visuals and ads.

3. Target audience – researching and identifying the right group of people to whom the ad will be displayed helps achieve the campaign’s goal more efficiently and saves budget, as the ad won’t be shown to people you don’t want to target.

4. Creative visuals – although some may think it’s easy to create visuals for an ad, it can take a significant amount of time because the right visual with a proper call to action can encourage users to click on your ad. 

5. Tracking and analyzing results – after market research and ad creation, the next step is tracking and analyzing the results that the ad brings. Using these results and communicating with clients, we determine the next steps in advertising.

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