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Uhvatite korak s konkurencijom ili jednostavno isprobajte nove mogućnosti koje vam pruža Interent marketing. Oni koji su se oprobali samostalno ili preko druge agencije u kampanjama ili marketing aktivnostima, nudimo kvalitetnu nadogradnju pomoću naših certificiranih specijalista.

Facebook advertising

The most popular advertising option after Google Ads, where we can reach a large number of users and achieve your goal.

Facebook marketing - advertising on Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social network in Croatia with the largest number of registered and active users in Croatia. It is the platform that users visit the most on their devices throughout the day

The goal of our team at Kuhada Digital Agency is to leverage our knowledge and experience to make your ad visible to Facebook users, displayed to the right target audience and to achieve your objectives with minimal costs.

Facebook advertising - META advertising service

Facebook and Instagram (META) are the main platforms, alongside Google, for advertising. All companies that want to showcase their brand, business, or products alongside Google choose Facebook as a advertising platform.

Facebook is a social network where photos predominantly prevail in various advertising formats, such as single image, carousel, and collection. These models represent different advertising styles for companies depending on what they want to achieve.

Through engaging content, precise audience targeting, and effective ad placement, it’s possible to attract a large number of new page followers and website visitors who can become potential customers.

Facebook advertising isn’t just about attracting users to buy our products or services. Facebook is also used to create brand awareness. The vast majority of companies have a business page on Facebook and/or Instagram to connect with users and advertise through it, resulting in increased page exposure and follower growth.

Facebook oglasavanje

Facebook advertising - META advertising service

  1. Research – analysis of what your competitors and other industry leaders are doing.
  2. Target audience – researching and finding the right group of people to whom the ad will be displayed helps in achieving the campaign goal faster, creating visuals and suitable text and also saves the budget because the ad won’t be displayed to people who are not interested
  3. Campaign goal – defining the campaign goal leads to the desired outcome of advertising on Facebook and accordingly, the creation of visuals and ads.
  4. Creative visuals and CTA button – Although some think it’s easy to create visuals for an ad, this segment can take a lot of time because the right visual with the right call to action can encourage a user to click on your ad. On the other hand, the wrong visual can deter a user from taking action on your ad.
  5. Tracking and analysis of results – after market research and ad creation, tracking and analyzing the results the ad brings is essential. These results, combined with client communication, determine the next steps in advertising.

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275-575 Monthy
  • Facebook + Instagram
  • Statistical analysis and recommendations
  • The campaign is billed monthly
  • The maintenance price depends on the chosen package

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